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pomoc Problem with tramway and freeze player



Hi, i would like to freeze player and his car (tramway) on a checkpoint.

My code: 

  if(CP[playerid] == 6000)
            SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_JOB," ");
			SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_JOB,"[Information]{EBECE1} Arrêt actuel: Motel");
			SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_JOB,"[Information]{EBECE1} Prochain arrêt: Chapelle");
			SetPlayerCheckpoint(playerid, 2283.8784, -1419.8206, 24.4352, 3.0);
			CP[playerid] = 6001;
			return 1;

All works well (timer, no errors...) but: the player is freeze and not the tramway. It's a real problem thank you for your help.

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